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About Vitalreact Therapy

In Order to Correctly Tell the Correct Operation Method

To begin with, the Vitalreact Therapy is a method of treatment contrived by Dr. Masafumi Yamasaki to analyze and prove treatment effects using a medical device equipped with a computer, in order to scientifically prove the techniques by the late Dr. Pierce D.C.

As the medical practice of this therapy was being advanced, new theories are being discovered and developed, and is currently continuing to evolve.

Dr. Masafumi Yamasaki receives support not only from doctors and people who attend to treatments within the country, but also from opinion leaders of Germany and Austria, and has made accomplishments with excellent techniques, theories and medical practices.

For the patients

Currently in Europe, this treatment is catching attention not as the Vitalreact Therapy, but as the Yamasaki treatment, and while being a judo therapist and an acupuncturist, he is receiving requests to hold lectures from around the world.

He has the wish to help as many patients as possible by correctly passing on such techniques and theories.

 The treatment method that has been constructed in Doctor Yamasaki’s theory is the Vitalreact Therapy, and the medical device that can be used for it is the Vital Reactor.

About Vitalreact

The Vitalreact Therapy is not the name of the equipment but the name of the treatment method.

The Vital Reactor is currently the only medical equipment that can be used in this treatment method theory. The Vital Reactor is a stimulus to the bones and nerves, and has the purpose of stimulating deep parts.

The purpose and method of use is completely different from those of other similar equipments, and is an original treatment method.


Machine Allergy

Many therapeutists say they want to heal with their own hands and not by depending on machines. It might be thought that one’s own hands are the best.

However, in this treatment method, the computer is just one of the tools of this treatment method that maximizes the effects of doctors’ techniques, and is an item that brings out effects in a short period of time.


About the theory of the Vitalreact Therapy

Most people probably think that as the flow of blood and the lymph becomes bad, it induces several symptoms.

However, those are controlled by the work of the nerves, and we believe that as the work of the nerves is impeded, the flow of blood, lymph and hormones (body fluids) become bad.

For example, let’s say that you cut yourself deeply. You will go the hospital to get it stitched, but after a while the skin will regenerate and the stitches will be removed once it is completely attached.

However, can it be understood that "the doctor didn’t necessarily heal"? The doctor merely helped to close the wound, and it could be said that what actually regenerated the skin and fixed the wound is the "natural healing power" that the body originally possesses.

This kind of "healing power" is something that we naturally have from when we are born, thus it is called "natural healing power". The brain and spinal nerves are what is deeply related to this "natural healing power".We believe that the biggest cause for the deterioration of the work of spinal nerves is the impediment of the nerves.

In order to understand what kind of state nerve impediment is, please think about sitting straight with your legs bent beneath them.The legs can hurt just by sitting slightly for modern people.This is because numbness occurs as a result of putting pressure on the nerves that go to the legs by sitting on your legs, and turns into pain.

Actually most pains of the body such as stiff shoulders and back aches are caused by the same mechanism of "the pain when sitting on your own legs bent beneath". In other words, we believe that nerve impediment and the deterioration of blood circulation is the biggest factor.For this reason, the symptoms can be eliminated as long as the impediment of the nerves is removed.

Would you take medicines or shoot painkillers to ease the pain in your legs when sitting on them bent beneath?

It would feel as if the pain has softened by adding stimulation such as physiotherapy and massage, but the true cause stays the same so the situation can become worse.If using the metaphor of sitting on your legs bent beneath, it is the state of rubbing or hitting the legs while sitting on them.

The first thing that the Vitalreact Therapy does is to approach the parts where the nerves are impeded, and improve this. As the nerves start working normally again, the autonomic nerves and peripheral nerves function properly, and also improves the link with the brain so the natural healing power is exhibited.

The point is that it is a treatment method that naturally improves various symptoms by removing the impediment of the nerves in the body.

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The Vitalreact Therapy is not just something that relieves pain and symptoms, but is a treatment that brings back “natural healing power”.

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