The VitalreactTherapy technique seminars is provided by VitalReactTherapyAssociation.

2011 Osaka Seminar Completion Certificate Sticker


2011 Osaka Seminar Completion Certificate Sticker

The Vitalreact Therapy association holds 8 seminars a year at the international conference hall at Nakanoshima in Osaka. Each time, over 150 therapeutists who are qualified participate from all over Japan as well as from overseas.

Among those participants of the Osaka seminar, a course completion certificate and the above sticker is given to those who are awarded a prize for perfect attendance (participation for 8 times) and good attendance (participation for 7 times). It is a proof that the person has studied the idea and techniques of the Vitalreact Therapy throughout the year.

In the future, this sticker will be issued every year. The sticker will be updated every year for those who continuously study. Please receive treatment at treatment facilities that have this sticker.

This is not something, which our association guarantees that particular doctor’s treatment and techniques. We ask you for your understanding.


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Dr.Masafumi Yamasaki

The Vitalreact Therapy is not just something that relieves pain and symptoms, but is a treatment that brings back “natural healing power”.

We strive for the improvement of theories and techniques through seminars and communication with each doctor.

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