The VitalreactTherapy technique seminars is provided by VitalReactTherapyAssociation.

A doctor who demands for treatment with higher effects.A doctor who wishes to help more patients.A doctor who is not satisfied with current treatment methods.A doctor who wants to raise their own expense rate.We believe the Vitalreact Therapy is a suitable treatment method for those kinds of doctors.

Course Completion Certificate

certificate sticker

2011 Osaka Seminar Completion Certificate Sticker

We grant the sticker mentioned above to those doctors who have met a certain condition among those who attended the 2011 Osaka Seminar. We believe it is placed in treatment facilities so please confirm when visiting for treatment.
This course completion certificate does not prove the contents and the techniques of the treatment. We ask for your understanding.

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What is the Vitalreact Therapy

Dr. Pierce

Dr. Pierce (deceased)

The Vitalreact Therapy is a method of treatment contrived by Dr. Masafumi Yamasaki to analyze and prove treatment effects using a medical device equipped with a computer, in order to scientifically prove the techniques by the late Dr. Pierce D.C.

As the medical practice of this therapy was being advanced, new theories are being discovered and developed, and is currently continuing to evolve.

Dr. Masafumi Yamasaki receives support not only from doctors and people who attend to treatments within the country, but also from opinion leaders of Germany and Austria, and has made accomplishments with excellent techniques, theories and medical practices.

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Dr.Masafumi Yamasaki

The Vitalreact Therapy is not just something that relieves pain and symptoms, but is a treatment that brings back “natural healing power”.

We strive for the improvement of theories and techniques through seminars and communication with each doctor.

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